1 số từ dễ phát âm sai (part 1)


từ “salon” có 1 cách phát âm
UK /ˈsæl.ɒn/ US /səˈlɑːn/
từ này có nghĩa ” a shop where you can get a particular service, especially connected with beauty or fashion”
ví dụ:
beauty salon
hair/hairdressing salon


từ “alone” có phát âm là

UK   /əˈləʊn/ US   /əˈloʊn

từ này có nghĩa “without other people”

ví dụ:

I got the impression that they’d rather be alone.
It appears that she left the party alone.
You’re mad to walk home alone at this time of night.
từ “lonely” có phát âm là
UK   /ˈləʊn.li/ US   /ˈloʊn.li
từ này có nghĩa là ” unhappy because you are not with other people”
ví dụ:
He felt lonely and far from home.
I know what it’s like to be lonely, so I do feel for her.
từ “photo” có phát âm là
UK   /ˈfəʊ.təʊ/ US   /ˈfoʊ.t̬oʊ/ 
tuy nhiên khi chuyển thành danh từ “photography” (the activity or job of taking photographs or filming) có phát âm là
UK   /fəˈtɒɡ.rə.fi/ US   /fəˈtɑː.ɡrə.fi
và “photographer” ( a person who takes photographs, either as a job or hobby)  có phát âm là
UK   /fəˈtɒɡ.rə.fər/ US   /fəˈtɑː.ɡrə.fɚ/
ví dụ:
Are you going to enter the photography competition?
It’s a bit of trick photography – she’s meant to look like she’s walking on water.
She’s a professional photographer.
She was surrounded by a group of admiring photographers.
từ “content” có 2 nét nghĩa
Khi mang nghĩa “subject” (the ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech, or a film)  or ” the amount” ( everything that is contained within something) thì có phát âm là
UK   /ˈkɒn.tent/ US   /ˈkɑːn.tent/
ví dụ:
It’s a very stylish and beautiful film, but it lacks content.
We’ve discussed the unusual form of the book – now, what about the content?
He contents of his bag spilled all over the floor.
He didn’t need to open the letter because he already knew the contents.
Khi mang nghĩa “hài lòng” ( pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement ) thì có phát âm là 
UK   /kənˈtent/ US   /kənˈtent/
ví dụ:
I’d be content with a modest income.
He’s quite content living on his own.
I’m content to sit at the back.
They were content with second hand clothes.

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