Bài tập thu âm 9

Now of course, there isn’t just one language in the world, there are about 7,000 languages spoken around the world. And all the languages differ from one another in all kinds of ways. Some languages have different sounds, they have different vocabularies, and they also have different structures — very importantly, different structures. That begs the question: Does the language we speak shape […]

Bài tập thu âm 8

  Do you see what I mean? So, because of this explosion in access to sound, especially through the Deaf community, this has not only affected how music institutions, how schools for the deaf treat sound, and not just as a means of therapy — although, of course, being a participator of music, that definitely is the case as well — but […]

Bài tập thu âm 6

I was asked to speak to you future entrepreneurs about choosing a location for your business. I guess I would start out by suggesting that you find out if local zoning laws permit your kind of business at the site that you desire. It’s also important to determine if there’s adequate, affordable transportation. Can your […]

Bài tập thu âm 5

  Matt is-a high school teacher who would like to upgrade-his skills…despite the fact that he has-a baccalaureate in computer sciences in English.. He lacks the proper training to integrate technologies-in his pedagogical activities. He took to summer additional qualifications-about the impact-of information and communication technologies-in the classroom… but most-of the knowledge he acquired during […]

Bài tập thu âm 3

  Good morning, this-is the 9 o’clock business news! The dollar has-edged towards seven-week lows against both the yen and the Euro because-of fears about poor US retail sales… and banking results. Investment banks-have already predicted that the US economy will fall into recession in 2008, and analysts are also nervously awaiting the release-of retail […]

Bài tập thu âm 2

  I want to extend-a warm welcome to all-our delegates, at-our third annual renewable energy conference↘! And it’s great to see so many familiar faces from last-year↘. First-of-all↑, I want to make sure that you’ve all registered. If you haven’t registered yet↑, please go to our registration table.. in the lobby of the hotel↘. You […]