Bài tập thu âm 10


Today I want to tell you about a project being carried out by scientists all over the world to paint a neural portrait of the human mind. And the central idea of this work is that the human mind and brain is not a single, generalpurpose processor, but a collection of highly specialized components, each solving a different specific problem, and yet collectively making up who we are as human beings and thinkers. To give you a feel for this idea, imagine the following scenario: You walk into your child’s day care center. As usual, there’s a dozen kids there waiting to get picked up, but this time, the children’s faces look weirdly similar, and you can’t figure out which child is yours. Do you need new glasses? Are you losing your mind? You run through a quick mental checklist. No, you seem to be thinking clearly, and your vision is perfectly sharp. And everything looks normal except the children’s faces. You can see the faces, but they don’t look distinctive, and none of them looks familiar, and it’s only by spotting an orange hair ribbon that you find your daughter.


Project /ˈprɑː.dʒekt/ Scenario /səˈner.i.oʊ/
Scientists /ˈsaɪən.tɪsts/ Weirdly /’wɪrdli/
Paint /peɪnt/ Dozen /ˈdʌz.ən/
Neural /ˈnjʊərəl/ Picked /pɪkt/
Portrait UK   /ˈpɔː.trət/ /ˈpɔː.treɪt/ Weirdly /ˈwɪrd.li/
  US   /ˈpɔːr.trɪt/ Similar /ˈsɪm.ə.lɚ/
Central /ˈsen.trəl/ Glasses /ˈɡlæs·əz/
General /ˈdʒen.ər.əl/ Losing /luːzɪŋ/
Purpose /ˈpɝː.pəs/ Mental /ˈmen.təl/
processor /ˈprɑː.ses.ɚ/ Checklist /ˈtʃek.lɪst/
Collection /kəˈlek.ʃən/ Clearly /ˈklɪr.li/
Specialized /ˈspeʃ.ə.laɪzd/ Vision /ˈvɪʒ.ən/
Components /kəmˈpoʊ.nənts/ Sharp /ʃɑːrp/
Solving /sɑːlvɪŋ/ Except /ɪkˈsept/
Specific /spəˈsɪf.ɪk/ Distinctive /dɪˈstɪŋk.tɪv/
Collectively /kəˈlek·tɪv·li/ None /nʌn/
Usual /ˈjuː.ʒu.əl/ Familiar /fəˈmɪl.i.jɚ/
Imagine /ɪˈmædʒ.ɪn/ Ribbon /ˈrɪb.ən/

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