Bài tập thu âm 8


Do you see what I mean? So, because of this explosion in access to sound, especially through the Deaf community, this has not only affected how music institutions, how schools for the deaf treat sound, and not just as a means of therapy — although, of course, being a participator of music, that definitely is the case as well — but it’s meant that acousticians have had to really think about the types of halls they put together. There are so few halls in this world that actually have very good acoustics, dare I say. But by that I mean, where you can absolutely do anything you imagine. The tiniest, softest, softest sound to something that is so broad, so huge, so incredible. There’s always something: it may sound good up there, may not be so good there; it may be great there, but terrible up there; maybe terrible over there, but not too bad there, etc., etc

Explosion /ɪkˈsploʊ.ʒən/ Acoustician /ˌækuːˈstɪʃn/
Access /ˈæk.ses/ Really /ˈriː.ə.li/
Especially /ɪˈspeʃ.əl.i/ Actually /ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li/
Deaf /def/ Acoustic /əˈkuː.stɪk/
Affected /əˈfek.tɪd/ Absolutely /ˌæb.səˈluːt.li/
Institutions /ˌɪn.stəˈtuː.ʃənz/ Imagine /ɪˈmædʒ.ɪn/
Treat /triːt/ Tiniest /ˈtaɪ.niɪst/
Therapy /ˈθer.ə.pi/ Softest /sɑːftɪst/
Although /ɑːlˈðoʊ/ Broad /brɑːd/
Participator /pɑːˌtɪ.sɪˈpeɪ.tər/ Huge /hjuːdʒ/
Definitely /ˈdef.ən.ət.li/ Incredible /ɪnˈkred.ə.bəl/
Meant /ment/ Terrible /ˈter.ə.bəl/

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