Duong Nguyen

Hello there, first of all I would like to thanks for all supporting me :D, the weird guy called “Hùng Bán Mùng” recommended your course for me and I appreciate it,.
Hi Zi Zi, you know what? My very first impression was your voice, yeah, smooth, sweet and got a bit powerful inside a little girl, it’s sort of glamour I think, Hey.. “ What are consonant and vowel ? That’s the question I’ve never thought you gonna ask me. I didn’t know the answer, suck, right? 😀 but yeah, no problems cause I got it now.
Actually I’ve started truly learning , ah no, touching EL since I prepared for graduation from UTE and the approach of mine were youtube and a reflex communication course. I have no idea when it comes to the ways of pronouncing English words, thousands of reasonable stuff? Just simply imitated and followed the ways I’ve heard So that sometimes I myself could not realize whether it’s right or wrong, and I seem to accept my limit.
Fortunately, you come, 😀 and coincide with everything that I’m looking for. I was surprised at first, every single mistake you did for me, every time I’ve been weird =)) I really appreciate it. No more words could explain it… Although I just start in my way now but I believe in the new version tmr, so also believe in me right?. 😉
Thank you very much, and hope that we get a chance to meet in the near future. Lastly, what I would say is just keep going your way, everything barely started and I know you could do better than that. Definitely successful girl! Remember me.

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