Khánh Bùi

Dear my cute teacher,

Well…. It’s been for a while from our last lesson and I still thinking about my “4 words feedback”. I knew you when you was administrator of a English group ( It’s seem like everyone does ). First, I really don’t want to study English, pronunciation, intonation, …. I’m just looking for something I was missing… And then we offically talking, on FB of course , guess what? I found what i was missing. It’s you   r passion, your enthusiasm, your activity . I lost these things for a long time, maybe you don’t believe, but it’s true. So that why I came to you, I want to learn about your enthusiasm, passion, I want to get them back in my life, hope you dont min d. And that why I’m so lazy in homework . After the course, I realized I got more than what I want. You will not  know, but thanks for inspring me by your enthusiasm. In fact that you still message me today and asked “recorded?”

Once a gain, thank you ! THANKS FOR INSPRING ME!

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