Phạm Thu Thảo

Hi teacher!

This is your beautiful student. Hihi. I still remember day which I enroll to learn English with you. I’m very worry, because you know, my English is so bad and I think I can’t improve my English speaking. But from that day, I believed I could speak English and I believed that I could change my life J. I was studied a lot of thing, which I haven’t studied yet. When I started to study English with you, I knew you are very tired to fix my pronunciation, because my pronunciation is so bad.  Really, you are a devoted teacher. You always remind me to study English and encourage me. You are so good with the wide knowledge and I’m very admired you. You are also a humor teacher. When I study with you, I really feel happy. I have studied with you for about 5 months, I feel I’m better every day, and for me, you’re not only a teacher but also a friend. I was really lucky to saw you. Thank you so much! Onteacher’s day, I hope you’re strong, happy and successful on the street that you choose.

From a beautiful student!

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