Bài tập thu âm 2


I want to extend-a warm welcome to all-our delegates, at-our third annual renewable energy conference↘! And it’s great to see so many familiar faces from last-year↘. First-of-all↑, I want to make sure that you’ve all registered. If you haven’t registered yet↑, please go to our registration table.. in the lobby of the hotel↘. You will receive the conference schedule, among other things↘. Next, I want to point-out that the presentations begin promptly at 9am tomorrow morning↘, and-our first presentation should be very interesting↘… so I would-encourage all-of you to make the effort to get-up↘! It will be worth your while↘! And don’t forget breakfast-is served starting at 7am↘.

Extend  /ɪkˈstend/ Hotel /hoʊˈtel/
Delegates /ˈdel.ə.ɡəts/ Schedule /ˈskedʒ.uːl/
Annual /ˈæn.ju.əl/ Presentation /ˌprez.ənˈteɪ.ʃən/
Renewable /rɪˈnuː.ə.bəl/ Promptly /ˈprɑmptli/
Energy /ˈen.ɚ.dʒi/ Interesting /ˈɪn.trɪs.tɪŋ/
Conference /ˈkɑːn.fɚ.əns/ Encourage /ɪnˈkɝː.ɪdʒ/
Familiar /fəˈmɪl.i.jɚ/ Effort /ˈef.ɚt/
Faces /’feɪsɪz/ Forget /fɚˈɡet/
Registered  /ˈredʒ.ə.stɚd/ Breakfast /ˈbrek.fəst/
Registration /ˌredʒ.əˈstreɪ.ʃən/ Worth /wɝːθ/
Lobby /ˈlɑː.bi/ Served /sɝːvd/

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