Tracy Đào

Dear my devoted teacher,
2 years ago, when searched some releva nt materials for self-learning English, I found out an English group that you took control of by chance. Since I became a member of your group, I’ve learned a lot from your helpful posts. Following you for a long time and being favourably impressed by the way you pronounce English words smoothly, then I made up my mind to sign up for your pronunciation course. To be honest, this was the most effective one that I’ve taken. Your outstanding method of teaching English as well as the pronunciation textbook written by you really attracted me. During the course, you instructed me how to pronounce each letter in the English phonetic alphabet and English words correctly in a thorough way. Day by day, you realized my weakest point in speaking English. That was MONOTONE L . You did help me to fix it somehow. Moreover, my English improved a lot thanks to your oral exercises in recording my voice. Also, your ability to speak English fluently gave me a strong motivation for learning English intensively. I’m so grateful to you for what you’ve taught me. I hope that in the future I have more leisure time so that I can join as many of your courses as possible. Last but not least, I strongly advise those who get troubles in pronunciation, let’s give a try at Ms Vi’s course to see a positive change after finishing the course.
Best regards
Your beloved students ^^
Tracy Đao

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