Đại Hùng

Dear my cute teacher, Thanh Vi!
Over the past few weeks, I got your course and it already finished. During the course, I did tons of homework that you assign . You put on me lots of pressure that might overwhelm some one except for me. I felt like that pressure not only interesting but also more challenging than everything I’ve taken so far. That pressure pu shed me quickly forward to my goal is incredibly awesome. I can’t help thinking that your ways of teaching are damn good.
You know what, I still remembered about the large amount of time I spent each every night on only my homework instead of being at the park to practice my English. Things seemed to be breaking rapidly , huh ?.
Rather than complaining about exercises, I patiently did all of it and of course send my record to you to correct it and what you done to it is to correct every SINGLE of my mistakes thoroughly and that touched to the deepest point of my heart. It strongly turns me to beast mode ( I made it up :v ) so that I can be able to use my power of never-ending-effort on things I got from you :D. I don’t think my English will be better without your instruction.
I personally don’t want to judge anyone but you. You are such a role-model to me and I guess a standard teacher as well . you are an energetic and hyper teacher especially when you correct my mistakes , I try to hide my emotion but it can explode anytime as I hit my limitation.
Sometimes, you become crazy ( tell me some reasons , ok ?)
Now, I can see what the difference you make to my pronunciation. To be honest, I have studied with many teachers and up to now you are the greatest teacher of all time :D. It’s worth studying with you .
My thanks to you and wish you beauty :3 !
Best regards,.

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